Prime Longevity Reviews

Thank you, Dr. Ben-Joseph, for formulating Prime Longevity.  My patients and I appreciate this well-designed formulation of premier antioxidants and nutraceuticals. Many of these ingredients have been developed only recently from their clinical science studies, and then they are usually quite expensive when obtained alone.  Therefore I am impressed that you and your team have been able to put these wonderful, proven nutrients into a recipe with the proper doses and forms for our long-term health goals.

As we know, the costs of these materials are rising as the need for them in our aging bodies is increasing.  Add to that the increasing hazards of environmental and food pollutants, and most Americans are on a frustrating treadmill, trying to stay optimally nourished and free of avoidable disease and injury.  You have batched together many of the best nutrients of their class, and the result is effective and affordable.  Your Prime Longevity has really brought optimal nutrition into reach for many more families. 

I particularly appreciate the inclusion of concentrates from tonic herbal concentrates with specific natural digestive enzymes.  These help produce adaptogenic effects to support people whose digestive strength has become impaired.  Your formula has a safe and effective broad area of benefit for many different body types and conditions.  Well done!


Dr. Thomas Lee, NMD
Naturo Doc